Elgar the Mighty is a viking. We all call him Elgar the Ugly, or Elgar the Ugly yet Mighty, or Elgar the Mighty yet Very Very Ugly, etc. And if your wondering, he's not the BEST looking guy.... not as good as me ;). He kinda looks like a normal viking would look, beard, mustache, overly-grown facial hairy. And hair in other places :/ like the armpit. Anyways, he had black hairy, black eyes, and he always carried around a big huge ax that looks like one of those ax-like things that swing from the ceiling and basically take your head off. In fact, it probably was one of those things, but he ripped it off from the ceiling. Elgar was a weak boy, raised by his viking father who didn't have a care in the world for him, or at least didn't show it. They hated dragons. Elgar hated dragons, just like the rest of the tribe. A year later, when he was 14, war broke out. His tribe fought fiercely, but the enemies were too strong. The war lasted 1 year. Elgar's dad was killed, and only 1/4 quarters of his tribe survived, out of 400 men. The rest of the tribe had left to join other tribes, were captured, or left to live by themselves. Elgar was alone. He lived this way for 2 years, until he found one like him. A dragon. The dragon's family left, leaving him forever. Elgar named the dragon Blackwing. They both lived together until their "deaths", which isn't real, because they both died at the same time, same cause, same day. They faked it. Blackwing had given Elgar immortality 20,000 years ago. He is at least 20,017 years old. Blackwing Blackfire and Elgar the Mighty still live to this day, hiding in the shadows of fire.