Our world is one of the many worlds that the Doors of Life take you to. There is a circle of doors known to us as the Doors of Life, but to others, their just something you wouldn't really even imagine. There are worlds these doors take you to that you would know of, such as Wonderland, Dreamworld, The Rim of Heaven, the place from the Hobbit, England, Africa, Asia, America, Rome, Italy, Russia, Germany, Halloweentown, Christmastown, and Alagasia. So you could say it basically looks like your world, just with other worlds and with beasts in them. The Doors of Life let you travel from dimension, to world, to land. So if your going to cross a 10,000 mile ocean, then just pick a door. The Doors of Life are finely hidden in forests though. But don't start cutting down forests to look for them, because when you cut down one little tree, a part of a door starts to disappear if it's from that forest area. Every time you come up with a new world, a new door appears. Our world has no name, but it still has a door for it. So dream up some kind of world, and we'll wait for its Door of Life.

Doors of Life: Edit

Fantasy tree door art