The Den of Alzarus is supposed to be hidden around Death Peak. Alzarus is a large, black wolf, beloved by all his people. Centuries back, Alzarus had the largest clan/pack in all the dimensions named the Shadow Blood Clan. There were over 100 billion members in the clan. They won every war, counting to 6,789 wars. Then, one day, along came a black wolf who called himself The Blood Knight and wore a mask with a blood-painted smile. Nobody ever saw him and Alzarus together. This made some suspect that this Blood Knight was Alzarus himself. But one day, someone saw 3 sets of wolf tracks on the infamous mountain Death Peak. 2 went up, and only 1 came down. And up on the top of that mountain, was the dead body of Alzarus. Painted on his fur was a bloody smile. The Blood Knight was never seen again.